Pneumatic Rotary Actuator CPU

CPU Pneumatic Rotary Actuators are suitable for 90-degree opening and closing of WAM Butterfly Valves, WAM VSS-type Ball Segment Valves, as well as WAM DVA-type Diverter Flap Valves.
CPU actuators come with splined shaft coupling bush according to DIN 5482
Operating pressure amounts to 2 ~ 8 bar (29 ~ 116 PSI).

Options & Accessories

Mechanical and inductive limit switches
Electronic Positioner
5/2 NAMUR solenoid valves
Solenoid coils


Easy cleaning due to new compact, smooth surface design
New signalling system options available
Easy adjustment of the signalling system due to new cam design
Quick installation due to plug-in supply
Improved industrial processes due to increased speed (absence of connection tubes between actuator and solenoid valve eliminates tube leakage problems)
Reduced overall dimensions

Usage Areas

Bulk Solids Flow Interception Bulk Solids Flow Interception

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