Blow-Through Rotary Valves RVS

RVS Blow-Through Rotary Valves are the ideal solution for feeding powdery or granular materials into a pneumatic conveying system.

Technical Features


RVS Blow-Through Rotary Valves consist of a tubular cast iron or stainless steel casing, a horizontally mounted rotor with a certain number of oblique V-shaped cross section compartments, a drive unit and a casing cover at each end.

Feed rate: 5 ~ 80 litres per revolution

  • Different drives for different rotation speeds
  • Various materials and treatments available depending on material handled
  • Maximum differential pressure: 0.8 bar (11.6 PSI)

Available as ATEX version, Zone 22

Usage Areas

Robust, Compact Design Robust, Compact Design
High Feeding Accuracy High Feeding Accuracy
Easy Access To All Internal Mechanical Parts Easy Access To All Internal Mechanical Parts

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