Drum-Type Diverter Valves for Pneumatic Conveying VAR

VAR Diverter Valves are the perfect solution for diverting or converting any type of powdery or granular material in pneumatic conveying ducts.

Technical Features


VAR Diverter Valves consist of a cast aluminium casing and cover, an inlet and two outlets. The rotating internal drum optionally closes one of two outlets which are connected with pneumatic conveying ducts.
Rotation of the internal drum is activated by a pneumatic actuator.
Perfect sealing is guaranteed by internal, pneumatically inflatable seals.

  • Cast aluminium alloy casing
  • Various surface treatments depending on material handled
  • Operating temperature: -20 °C ~ 80 °C (-4 °F ~ 176 °F)
  • Operating pressure: max. 3.5 bar (51 PSI)
  • Closing pressure: max. 4.0 bar (58 PSI)
  • Activating pressure of pneumatic actuator: max. 5.0 bar (72.5 PSI)
  • Range includes most common pipe diameters in pneumatic conveying from 50 ~ 200 mm (2 ~ 8 in)
  • Pneumatic actuators in different voltages

Usage Areas

Minimum Pressure Drop Thanks To Special Design Features Minimum Pressure Drop Thanks To Special Design Features
Contamination-Free Contamination-Free
Standard Inflatable Seals Standard Inflatable Seals

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