EXTRACURVE Wide Radius Anti-Wear Pipe Elbows

EXTRACURVE Pipe Elbows represent the latest evolution in the development of wide angle pipe elbows. Due to their flexibility and adaptability, installation becomes quicker while durability is dramatically increased.

Technical Features


EXTRACURVE are highly elastic, wide radius Pipe Elbows which are inserted as a link in pneumatic conveying ducts. They are manufactured from a one-piece SINT engineering polymer cast with a helicoid spring core. Their great flexibility and excellent resistance to wear result in double durability as the Elbow can be simply mounted in reverse position as soon as it shows any sign of wear.

  • SINT engineering polymer-cast body design
  • Wide material impact zone
  • SINT versions for plastic pellets, granules, sand and fine, abrasive or chemically highly aggressive powders
  • PN-type connecting flanges
  • Higher resistance to wear than traditional carbon or stainless steel pipe elbows
  • Flexible and lightweight
  • Particularly suitable for retrofitting
  • Reduced noise level
  • Easy disposal
  • For both vacuum and positive pressure conveying, as well as low density dilute phase pneumatic conveying
  • No material contamination
  • No risk of mechanical degradation or biochemical decomposition of the material
  • Connecting spigot for existing ducts
  • Food-grade version (FDA-approved)

Usage Areas

Elasticity Elasticity
No Risk of Clogging No Risk of Clogging
Self-Cleaning and Durable Self-Cleaning and Durable

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