FLEXFLO Micro-Batch Feeders MBW

MBW Micro-Batch Feeders are particularly suitable for feeding free or moderately flowing materials which do not tend to pack under pressure in a variety of industries, among which plastics processing, animal feed milling, as well as waste water and drinking water treatment.

Technical Features


MBW Micro-Batch Feeders for continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular materials consist of a SINT engineering polymer FLEXFLO body with integrated feeder outlet pipe, a feeder screw and a drive unit.

  • 3 sizes offering the following feed rates: 1.5 ~ 630 dm3/h (0.05 ~ 22 cfh)
  • SINT engineering polymer body manufactured from a casting process, complete with stainless steel end plates
  • Internal body geometry ensuring free material flow
  • Wide range of interchangeable SINT engineering polymer or stainless steel feeder tools
  • Minimum clearance between screw flight and feeder pipe
  • Cavity for injection of compressed air
  • High resistance to abrasion and corrosion
  • Vast range of interchangeable components
  • Feeders manufactured from FDA and EN-approved, food-grade SINT engineering polymer
  • Vertical outlet
  • Pneumatic activator: supplies air through body cavity ensuring free movement of the walls and, therefore, unimpeded material flow inside the feeder (air flow can be controlled by solenoid valve or pneumatic pulse)

Usage Areas

Reliable and Durable Reliable and Durable
Highly Accurate Highly Accurate
Excellent Price-Quality Ratio Excellent Price-Quality Ratio

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