Silo Safety System KCS

Damage to a silo or its accessories is most likely during filling operation from the tanker due to the risk of overfilling or excess pressurisation.
The KCS system prevents both overfilling and excess pressurisation avoiding damage to silo, venting filter and other accessories. It also reduces the risk of dust emission into the atmosphere.

Technical Features


The KCS Silo Safety System for the safeguarding of silos consists of a central electronic monitoring and control panel which manages a series of silos and a component kit including, in the basic version, one power panel for each silo, a silo pipe connection, a pinch valve, a tanker coupling to the filling pipe, a maximum level indicator, a differential pressure switch or electronic pressure meter, a pressure gauge for the venting filter, a pressure relief valve, and an audible alarm.

  • Monitoring up to 32 silos simultaneously
  • System events list
  • Starts and stops filter cleaning automatically
  • Electronic pressure meter gives indication of when filter may need attention
  • Internal pressure monitoring of each silo
  • Maximum level indication
  • Reveals presence of compressed air to venting filter (if air jet filter is used) and pinch valve
  • Central control panel
  • Individual power panel
  • Pressure gauge
  • Pressure relief valve VCP
  • Audible alarm
  • Tanker coupling
  • Venting filter
  • Pressure switch/differential pressure meter
  • Spigot for pressure switch/meter
  • Level indicator
  • Pinch valve incl. pneumatic control panel

Usage Areas

Avoids Harm to People and Damage To Silo and Accessories Avoids Harm to People and Damage To Silo and Accessories
Reduces Risk Of Air Pollution Reduces Risk Of Air Pollution
Eliminates Risk of Filling The Wrong Silo Eliminates Risk of Filling The Wrong Silo

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