Aerator Nozzles U025 - U060

U025 and U060 Aerator Nozzles represent the most economic solution to ensure material flow from silos, bins or hoppers.
U025 / U060 Aerator Nozzles can be easily fitted or retrofitted in existing installations.
An engineering polymer casing, co-moulded with a sintered nozzle (brass on U025, polyethylene on U060) has to be screwed onto a supplied steel nipple which previously has to be welded on the outside of the silo, bin or weigh hopper cone. Subsequently, connection with the compressed air supply has to be carried out.
Their small footprint makes U025 / U060 Aerator Nozzles particularly suitable for retrofitting.
U025 Aerator Nozzles are used with fine powdery materials, such as cement, lime and similar powders, at an operating pressure of 0.2 bar (3 PSI), while U060 Aerator Nozzles work at a pressure of 1 bar (14 PSI).
For food-grade applications choose the VB Vibro-Aerator-Series.
Appropriate arrangements have to be made to exhaust excess air containing entrained dust at the top of the bin/silo.


Easy retrofitting
Easy maintenance
Compact design

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