PG Air Cannons

GUNJET PG Air Cannons (blasters) are successfully used where bridging or rat-holing occurs.
They are ideal for setting in motion irregularly shaped, dry and light bulk solids (e.g. fibres, shavings, flakes, wood chippings, plastic chippings).
GUNJET PG Air Cannons are designed to inject blasts of high pressure gas at up to 6 bar (87 PSI), for a short duration (typically fractions of a second) resulting in bridging or rat-holing material to collapse.
In the standard version GUNJET PG Air Cannons are electro-pneumatically activated. A fully pneumatic version is available on request.
When operating multiple air cannons, those at the bottom should be fired first, moving on progressively upwards at regular intervals.
The curved outlet pipe conveys air tangentially along the wall of the bin or silo.
Its robust design makes the GUNJET PG Air Cannon suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation. The external parts of the body are manufactured from galvanized steel and aluminium.
GUNJET PG Air Cannons are supplied with a mounting plate which has to be welded on the bin/hopper/silo wall. A safety chain prevents accidental dropping during installation or maintenance.
GUNJET PG Air Cannons come in three different sizes.


Coils available in different voltages from 24 V both DC and AC to 230 V (ATEX)
Timer to adjust period of the blast (min 30 sec)
Fully pneumatic kit


Compact design with integrated valve
Reliable in operation
Zero impact on bin or silo structure

Technical Features


Rat-holing is a phenomenon that frequently occurs inside bins or silos with certain materials. Due to the physical and chemical properties of the product, the central material column drops instantaneously as soon as the silo outlet valve is opened, while the surrounding material remains immobile. Especially with light materials a PG-type GUNJET Air Cannon is often the ideal solution for such inconvenient situations. Other applications are the corners of rectangular-shaped bins where because of tiled walls or inserts, hammering or vibration on the outlet sections is unsuitable. GUNJET Air Cannons are also successfully used in cases where bridging occurs.

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